The Career Pathways project will develop and test new tools, providing access to the labour market and skills intelligence to job seekers, those looking for training, education and training providers, employers and for regional policymakers.

The project is developing career pathways to future employment, working together with education and training organisations, employers and careers and employment professionals.


The project is coordinated by TecMinho from Portugal and the project partners are ACP and IDEC, Greece, The University of the Basque Country and Pontydysgu, Spain and Forave- Vocational/Technical School, Portugal.


» The Changing Labour Market

New, digital technologies, including AI, automation and new forms of employment are changing the world of work. The shift towards more sustainable and green economies is reshaping labour market demand and supply. The twin digital and green transitions and the disruptions induced by COVID-19 are bringing about significant structural changes in labour markets and are changing the skills requirements of many jobs. This increases the importance of building skills and new career pathways throughout life to bridge skills gaps, support labour market transitions and foster social inclusion.

» Labour Market Intelligence

An increasing number of workers are in atypical forms of work, including part-time work, temporary, casual and seasonal work, platform work and self-employment. Coupled with an increasing number of labour market transitions throughout one’s working life, this means that an increasing share of individuals are at risk of not receiving sufficient support for training from an employer. Such a situation requires access to labour market intelligence for both those unemployed and those whose jobs are at risk due to AI, automation, and the changing labour market. This includes intelligence on new skills and job needs and access to training. New skills pathways can support those seeking skilled work.

» Education and Training

Education and training providers need timely information on future demand. Robust and actionable labour market and skills intelligence offers a compass for developing effective skills and productivity policies. A key challenge is how best to make the most of evolving skills intelligence in a rapidly changing world and how such intelligence can be accessed. Historical trends alone no longer provide sufficient evidence for strategic public investment decisions.


GreenComp The European Sustainability Competence Framework

The development of the competence framework is one of the policy actions set out in the European Green Deal as a catalyst to promote learning on environmental sustainability in the European Union.

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Training And Skills For The Green Transition

The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) has published a Briefing Note on the Green Transition. Vocational Education and Training, they say, can provide the skills needed for greening jobs and in turn help shape them.

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What Are Green Skills And Green Jobs?

As part of European Vocational Skills Week on 17 May Pontydysgu participated in a webinar on “CAREER PATHWAYS AND GREEN ECONOMY.

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The webinar "Career Pathways and Green Economy" was an Associated Event of the European Vocational Skills Week 2022, and showed the urgency of using smart tools to visualize data to access “good jobs”. The smart tools we are developing, working together with education and training organizations, employers, and career advisors, will allow adults to access near real-time data on future jobs and green jobs.

There were 50 participants and to the 7 speakers from TecMinho, Forave, IDEC, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Pontydysgu, and Active Citizens Partnership.

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1st Transnational Meeting

TecMinho, the project coordinator received, in Braga, on the 4th and 5th April, the partner entities of the Erasmus+ project Career Pathways.

2nd Transnational Meeting

Career Pathways project partners met in Valencia, Spain, on the 28th and 29th October, to work on innovative tools that will help adults to identify new skills for future job profiles.

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