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The project is developing career pathways to future employment, working together with education and training organisations, employers and careers and employment professionals.

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Career Pathways shared in CINTE conference
Career Pathways shared in CINTE conference

Last month, our partner The University of Pais Vasco (UPV/EHU) shared “Career Pathways” activities and goals during CINTE´s international conference.

CINTE wants to consolidate and project into the future the knowledge generated around innovation and social and educational inclusion through the latest trends, methodologies and theories carried out in this field of research.

With more than 140 participants, the International Congress on New Technologies and Education intended to weave synergies that enable the creation of networks of researchers, professionals from social and school entities, and with society, promote the transferability of the knowledge achieved, share networking experiences, and generate various publications of high scientific impact that collect reflections, debates, good practices and challenges on the subject.

Webinar “Career pathways and Green Economy”​

Our webinar, an Associated Event of the European Vocational Skills Week 2022, showed the urgency of using smart tools to visualize data to access “good jobs”. The smart tools we are developing, working together with education and training organizations, employers, and career advisors, will allow adults to access near real-time data on future jobs and green jobs.​

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Project Leaflet
Project Leaflet "Career Pathways"

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Webinar “Career pathways and Green Economy”

Our webinar, an Associated Event of the European Vocational Skills Week 2022, showed the urgency of using smart tools to visualize data to access “good jobs”. The smart tools we are developing, working together with education and training organizations, employers, and career advisors, will allow adults to access near real-time data on future jobs and green jobs.

Thanks to the 50 participants and to the 7 speakers from TecMinho, Forave, IDEC, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Pontydysgu, and Active Citizens Partnership.


Video of the Webinar

Under the scope of the European Vocational Skills Week 2022, TecMinho and the “Career Pathways” Erasmus+ project will be hosting the Webinar “CAREER PATHWAYS AND GREEN ECONOMY”, to be held on the 17th May, between 11:00 and 12:00 CET (10:00 – 11:00 Lisbon time).

The webinar aims to promote a lively debate on how the Green Economy is a good example of how adults can up-skill or re-skill to access “better” jobs.

The webinar is targeted at Adult jobseekers (unemployed or looking for new opportunities), VET providers, trainers, career guidance professionals, employers, regional policy makers, and all those interested in the topics covered by this event.

The shift towards more sustainable and greener economies is reshaping labour market demand and supply. This increases the importance of building skills and new career pathways throughout life to bridge skills gaps, support labour market transitions and foster social inclusion.
A key challenge is how to make the best use of evolving skills intelligence/information in a rapidly changing world, and how this intelligence/information can be accessed.

The webinar is part of the Erasmus+ project “Career Pathways” promoted by TecMinho, which includes a partnership of European institutions from Portugal, Spain and Greece.

The Erasmus+ project “Career Pathways” aims to develop and test new tools to help access the labour market and intelligence on skills that the labour market seeks now and in the future. These tools will be aimed at adult job seekers, training seekers, Education and Training providers, career guidance professionals, employers and regional policy makers.
The objective is to develop career pathways to future jobs and green jobs, working together with Education and Training organisations, employers and career and employment professionals.

The event “CAREER PATHWAYS AND GREEN ECONOMY” will be held online, in English Language. 



11:00 – 11:10
Career Pathways – General View  – Ana Dias (TecMinho)

11:10 – 11:40
Sharing Good Practices on Green Skills and Green Jobs

VET and Green Skills/Green Jobs – Manuela Guimarães (FORAVE)
Green practices and skills in Greek SMEs – Niki Zafeiropoulou (IDEC)

11:40 – 11:50
What are Green Skills and Green Jobs? “Career Pathways” and the green digital transition

Graham Attwell (Pontydysgu)
George Bekiaridis (Active Citizens Partnership)

11:50 – 12:00Q&A and debate


Project: 2021-1-PT01-KA220-VET-000025802

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